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Calle Comercio, La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail29 Oct, 2017 Iván Rodriguez The Arts Are we just walking around, step after step?Or are we designers of our present, designers of something bigger?Can we avoid the victim we hold inside? Take another step, and find comfort in every blink we present.Or is our ignorance not... + más

La Illampu, la calle de tambos nacida para el comercio de La Paz | Página Siete

Jenny C

Página Siete Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnailGabriela Alanoca C.  / La Paz Con Cambio de estaci... + más

Performing Life Bolivia

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail23 Aug, 2017 Hannah Chukwu Art Photo: Hannah ChukwuBreathing life into young performersThe streets of the residential neighborhood Montenegro in Cochabamba are dusty, sparse and sprawling. At sunrise, the vast expanse of land is punctuated only by the silhouettes of children... + más

Total Immersion

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail25 Jun, 2017 Alex Walker Festivals and Reviews Photos: Nick Somers, William Wroblewski, Adriana Murillo The Bolivian Cult of K-Pop RevisitedBack in 2014, I wrote about and investigated the curiously popular Korean pop scene in Bolivia for BX41. I spent time with a dance troupe... + más

Why is Bolivian chicken so orange?

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail23 May, 2017 Alex Walker Food Photo: Nick Somers Big questions, small answersNow, we all know that you can’t make an omelette without cracking some eggs, and neither can you truly master investigative journalism without asking the big questions. 2017, the Year of the Rooster... + más

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Going For Gold

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail23 May, 2017 Sophie Hogan Sports Photos: Nick Somers Ángela Castro leads the race for Bolivian Olympic glory The deep breath before walking to the starting line. The seconds before everything you’ve ever worked for is put to the test. The starter gun goes off. The crowd... + más

Ecology vs. Development

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail29 Dec, 2016 Jet de Kort Social issues and History & Politics Photo: Theresa EdwardsThe struggle over the dams in the Beni RiverOn a humid and sunny day I traveled back from Madidi National Park on a wooden boat to the town of Rurrenabaque. The muddy Beni River streamed calmly... + más

Imaginaries of development through extraction: The ?History of Bolivian Petroleum? and the present view of the future | Fundaci?n Solón


Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail15 Apr, 2017 Sophie Hogan Culture Photo: Sophie HoganThe miracle tree and its usesThe smell seeps easily into my nostrils as we light the wood and put it in the holder. The smoke begins to flurry out of the holes in the cup and the fragrance gets more intense, invading my... + más

"Palo, palo, palo bonito, paloé" | Agencia de Noticias Fides

“Palo, palo, palo bonito, paloé” | Correo del Sur


Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail15 Apr, 2017 Alex Walker The Arts Photo: Nick SomersA lesson with the maestroAgustín Alonso has been busy tending to his nest. A short walk up from Plaza San Francisco, family-made instruments line his workshop like banks of exquisite wooden wallflowers, while at the far end of... + más

Alcaldía de La Paz presenta videoclip Soy Paceño

Opinión Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnailALCALDÍA DE LA PAZ.El videoclip de la canción Soy paceño, que refleja la fortaleza de los habitantes de La Paz y los lugares y personajes icónicos de la ciudad fue presentado la mañana de este miércoles en el Salón Rojo del Palacio Consistorial en homenaje a los 209 años... + más

'Soy paceño', el videoclip que destaca personajes y sitios icónicos de La Paz | El Deber

Singers without a stage

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail25 Jun, 2017 Yolande Rowson The Arts Illustration: Hugo L. CuéllarRegenerating the classical music scene in BoliviaEven a cursory glance around the Conservatorio Plurinacional de Música will tell you that the classical music scene in Bolivia, in spite of all odds, is alive and... + más

Edae Bolivia y el grupo Llaneza se van de gira a Europa hasta agosto

Los Tiempos Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnailEl estudio de danza y arte expresiones Edae Bolivia, bajo la dirección de Gustavo Fernández, realizará su cuarta gira internacional. Con el objetivo de promocionar y difundir las danzas tradicionales del país, el elenco de Edae participará en tres festivales en España y... + más

Chuños and Tuntas

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail23 Aug, 2017 Felix Medlock Food Photo: Iván RodriguezUnearthing Bolivia’s potato traditionsThe chuño and tunta are traditional ingredients in Bolivian cuisine used in a wide range of dishes, notably chairo, a soup consisting of vegetables, meat and chuño. The use of these... + más

Portrait of Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz, a symbol of Bolivia’s fight for democracy

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail22 Nov, 2017 Adriana Murillo History & Politics Illustration: Hugo L. CuellarIn the 1980s, during the dictatorships of Luis García Meza and Luis Arce Gómez, many important leaders and figures of Bolivian civil society were disappeared or assassinated, such as the Jesuit priest... + más

En sus 400 años: Se habilitan tres sitios arqueológicos como lugares turísticos en Comarapa

Notiboliviarural Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnailEl equipo de arqueólogos de la Gobernación de Santas Cruz viene trabajando hace ocho meses para poner a punto estos lugares. Este miércoles los sitios fueron habilitados para que los turistas puedan conocer las ruinas de Tukipaya y los escalones de piedra del Camino Real o... + más

Documentan cerca de 400 sitios arqueológicos | El Diario

Faces of Tiwanaku

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail21 Sep, 2017 Julio C. Salguero Rodas Culture Photo: Julio C. Salguero Rodas More than a millennium after its demise, Tiwanaku has become a Unesco world heritage site. I ask our guide Hugo Tarqui Blanco what is the one thing that made Tiwanaku so successful:‘It’s the... + más

The Slopes of Bolivian Skiing

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail23 Aug, 2017 Felix Medlock Social issues and Tourism Text: Editorial BoardPhotos: Carlos IbañezIs There a Future?Chacaltaya, an hour and a half north of La Paz, was the highest-altitude ski resort in the world until 2009, when it closed due to lack of snow. The glacier on which... + más

Bolivian Business celebra sus 15 años | El Día

The Best of La Paz

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail22 Dec, 2017 Fruzsina Gál Going Out and Tourism Photos:  Fruzsina GálOur guide to the must-try specialties of the cityIn La Paz, culinary wonders are never far off. Whether it is questionable street vendors offering a taste of tradition or renowned restaurants luring in... + más

Hovering above El Alto

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail17 Feb, 2017 Louise Lacourarie Urban living and Lifestyle Photo: Nick SomersMí Teleférico expands with a new route across the flats of El Alto‘The Línea Azul will definitely improve our lives. It will be much easier for me to travel and sell my products and go down to La... + más

Rock Climbing in Llallagua

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail19 Jul, 2017 Daniel Johnson Tourism and Going Out Photo: Daniel JohnsonAn uncommon sport high up in the AltiplanoOn a chilly Sunday morning, we set off down a valley next to a spa near Llallagua, a town between Oruro and Potosí, to meet the climbers. Outcrops of rock rise up... + más

Escaladores orureños participaron con éxito en el "Climbing Trip El Edén" | La Patria

Kicking Down Barriers

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail19 Jul, 2017 Lily Turner Sports Photo: Fabián ZapataA Franco-Bolivian Brings Rugby to the AltiplanoI meet Jean Fontayne under the shadow of the Basilica of San Francisco, in central La Paz, on a crisp morning. We have a four-hour bus journey into the heart of the altiplano... + más

The Thorn of La Paz

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail22 Nov, 2017 Fruzsina Gál Art Photo: Iván Rodriguez PetkovicInside the mind of a Bolivian fashion designer Hidden in the deceptive mishmash of eccentric apartment blocks and the bustling traffic of the Calacoto neighborhood in La Paz’s Zona Sur district is the studio of an... + más

Partido Obrero Revolucionario

Bolivian Express Cultura 04/Jul/2018

thumbnail22 Nov, 2017 Charles Bladon Social issues and History & Politics Photo: Adriana MurilloThe old guard of Bolivian TrotskyismSince 1825, there have been 88 governments in Bolivia, with an average of 2.2 years per government. Chronic political instability has become somewhat... + más

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